What happens next

After your initial enquiry we will have a brief discussion by phone or email about the nature of your difficulties and/or therapy needs. This is mainly so we can both be clear whether I potentially might be of any help. Some of this will be quite practical questions about times I have available etc

If we decided to meet, we’d arrange an initial consultation to explore things further. I will ask some questions to find out more about you and this would be an opportunity for you to find out more about my background, how I might work and what I might offer. The aim of this meeting is to see if I might be able to offer what you’re needing, and to explore what that need is. It can be a first step to thinking about what’s troubling you and also an opportunity to see if you think you might be able to work with me. Sometimes we might need more than one session to decide whether I’m the best person for you.

If we decide to go ahead, we’d arrange an ongoing regular time to meet. 

Sometimes people need just a couple of one-off consultations to help them with their diffiuclties. Most people, however, need longer. Once we’ve decided to do ongoing work with each other we’ll contract a minimum of 4 sessions.

Once we’ve committed to working together if you wish to end the therapy or counselling you’ll need to give a minimum 4 weeks notice. One of the important reasons for this is it’s generally not helpful to finish suddenly without the chance to have a proper ending.