Clinical Supervision


Experience and Qualifications

I have worked as a clinical supervisor since 2003 and have a post-graduate qualification in clinical supervision from The Society of Analytical Psychology.

Below is a list of the professional roles I have experience of supervising:

                           Counsellors and Therapists in:

                                    Other Professional Roles:

Sexual Health Advisers, Mind Advocate, Young Person’s Advocates, Asian Support worker, Medics, HIV support workers, HIV advocates, Nurses, Crisis workers, Administrators, Receptionists, Managers in Sexual Assault Forensic Centres Sexual Health Advisers, Senior Nurses in HIV and Sexual Health Clinics


How I Work

My background training is psychodynamic and that influences how I think about my supervisees and their work, however I have experience of, and enjoy, supervising therapists from other orientations as well.  As a clinician  I have often worked in settings which have required me to develop skills and understanding about working eclectically and  briefly.  I am aware of different settings requiring different responses and client expectations. In private practice I have worked with patients open-endedly and analytically. 

I see the role of supervisor as providing a ‘third’ perspective to the relationship of the client and counsellor/therapist.  I enjoy working with a range of supervisees and their different needs, clients, settings and roles. I am particularly interested in helping practitioners explore the processes, especially those hidden, between themselves and their client/s.

Part of my interest and training is related to group and organisational dynamics. This has influenced my understanding of and interest in the institutional context of the supervisee’s role and work. I have also taught and supervised on  counselling trainings at City and Islington FE College in London.


Individual Supervision

£50 – 60 for 50 minutes (individuals)

£60 – 80 for  50 minutes (organisations)

Group Supervision

£35 – 60 pp depending on group size, length and funding source